Voyage en toute conscience artwork collection

From raw materials to work of art


2021 to current

For this serie, I propose an installation that raises an eternal question: our place as human beings in nature. Through my vision as an artist, I want to establish an intimate dialogue with the complex world around us.

As I wandered among the trees in the woods, my mind was put on hold, giving way to my senses and emotions. My eyes focused on the trees, particularly the dead ones, their position defying the order and verticality of their descendants. They are there, carried, supported, like a nourishing memory, or abandoned on the ground, like a memory that leaves a visible trace, like a burden that must be carried. To discover these trees remains, to get to know them, is somehow to apprehend the place of the individual within humanity.


Plaster, ceramics, up-cycling paper.


2 cm - 2 meters

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Key exhibitions

« Voyage en toute conscience », Chateau

Voltaire 2021 - Ferney-Voltaire France

Art gallery, Espace Candide

2023 - Ferney-Voltaire France

Art Cité « Foret évanescente »

(Installation) 2022 - Paris France

« Chimère » (Installation)

2022 - Cloître st Louis Avignon France

Artmuc, Paris art space

2023 - Munich